3 Types of Baby Cries That Every Parent Should Learn to Recognize

There is nothing more heartbreaking for a parent than to hear their baby crying. This usually means that something isn’t right and that they need to do their best to help.

While baby cries can seem all the same to some parents, there are, in fact, several different cries that babies have, and they can mean different things. Check out the most common ones below.

Uncomfortable Cry

With this type of cry, your little one will try to tell you that they are uncomfortable or uneasy in some way. It can be that they have had enough of being carried around or their diaper needs changing. You’ll recognize it by the loud and continuous cry that comes out of nowhere.

Hungry Cry

Babies have a specific way of telling you they are hungry through their cries. It will start off with whining and sniffling before becoming louder and more pronounced. This will continue until you get the signal and feed them.

Pain Cry

This is one we wish you would never hear but also the one you need to recognize the most. When babies are in pain, they will let a sharp sound out, followed by a loud and prolonged cry. The pattern will continue with each new pain wave.