3 Tips for Making Mac & Cheese a Little Healthier

Mac and cheese is one of the timeless staples that people of all ages love it. Your kids are probably obsessed with it, and if you’re looking for a way to make their favorite dish a little bit healthier, these three useful tips will get you there.

Healthier Pasta

Your mac and cheese will be as healthy as the type of pasta you’re using so choose wisely. Check the labels when shopping for pasta, and try to opt for ones with high protein and fiber content, such as chickpea pasta. It can be just as tasty as the real thing, and you should consider giving it a try if your kid is allergic to gluten.

Healthier Cheese

Mac and cheese would be incomplete without cheese, and its main downside is its high-fat content. You can consider reducing the amount of cheese you’re using to make this dish a little bit healthier or opt for a plant-based cheese, especially if your little ones are lactose intolerant.

Smaller Portions

Just like with all other dishes, healthier portions equal smaller portions. Moderation is key to avoiding obesity so try to teach your kids to stick to a single serving of mac & cheese for breakfast and consider making just enough for each family member to avoid food waste.