3 Things to Keep in Mind When Transforming Nursery Into Regular Kids’ Bedroom

As your child gets older, there comes a point when they’ll have to wave their nursery goodbye because they’ve outgrown it. This will be a huge transition for your little one, and there are a few things worth keeping in mind when you’re transforming their nursery into a regular kids’ bedroom.

Switching Furniture

Switching major furniture pieces is the biggest change you’ll have to make after your kid outgrows their crib. You’ll have to find a comfortable bed that fits your kid’s current age and needs, in addition to buying a desk and potentially investing in some new storage solutions.

Take it Slow

Switching from a nursery to a “big kids’ room” will be a huge change for your child, so don’t rush it. Keep some of the décor elements around so the room still looks familiar to your child. If they’re struggling to sleep in a new bed, keep the crib around for reassurance until they’re ready to leave it behind.

Get Your Child Involved

Your kid will have an easier time getting used to their new room if they have a say when you’re redecorating it. They’ll have a sense of ownership over their new space if you let them pick a theme or color scheme and consult them before buying new furniture.