3 Healthy Habits to Start With Your Kids Now

So often we have healthy habits we want to start which we feel will improve our wellbeing. As adults, it can be a challenge to change our ways and start something new and requires a lot of determination to see it through. This is why it’s a great idea to start healthy habits with your kids while they’re still young. Here are three to try introducing now.

Daily Exercise

When kids are young they will often spend hours in a day running around and being super active. But this can begin to decline as they get older, and many adults find it hard to fit in daily exercise. Putting in some effort to keep this up with them as they grow up will help it stick as a habit much more easily. It can be as simple as a daily walk or even a fun dance session.

Drinking Water

Many kids would say they don’t enjoy the taste of water and would always opt for juice or squash. It’s really important to try and encourage them to drink more water while they’re still young and so they bring this habit into their adult years too. 

Eating Veggies

Getting kids to eat vegetables can be a major struggle, but if this is a standard part of their meals from a young age then they will grow up knowing that having decent portions of vegetables each day is a good habit.