How to Help Your Pet Adjust to a New Baby in the House

Bringing a new baby home is a huge moment for everyone, including your first ‘baby’—your pet! They might not understand what all the new sounds and smells are about, and let’s face it, sharing the spotlight can be tough. To help make the introduction as smooth as possible, here are some strategies to try.

Prepare Early

Gradually introduce changes to your pet’s routine that you anticipate will occur once the baby is home. This could include shifting feeding times, walks, or playtime. The goal is to help your pet not associate these changes negatively with the baby.

Create a Safe Space

Make sure your pet has a safe, quiet space to retreat to when they feel overwhelmed. This spot should be comfortably equipped with their favorite toys, a bed, and anything else they need to feel secure. Having their own space can help reduce stress and anxiety for your pet.

Supervise Initial Interactions

When it’s time to introduce your pet to the new baby, do so in a calm, controlled environment. Keep your pet on a leash if necessary, and allow them to look and sniff the baby while you hold the infant securely. Always supervise their interactions to ensure the safety of both the baby and the pet.