3 Basic Table Manners to Teach Your Kid

Good manners are like a secret code that can make your child shine in any situation, including mealtime. Teaching your kids basic table manners not only helps them fit in with others but also shows them how to be polite and considerate for years to come. Let’s explore three essential etiquette rules to share with your child at the dinner table.

Helping to Clear

First, we have the “Clearing the Dishes” rule. After everyone is done with their meal, encourage your child to help clear the table. It’s a small gesture that teaches them to be responsible and considerate of others who might be helping with the meal or doing the dishes later.

Saying Please and Thank You

Next up is the “Please and Thank You” rule. Remind your child to use these magic words whenever they need something or receive something during the meal. If they want the salt or need more water, saying “please” is a friendly way to ask. And when they’re given something, “thank you” shows appreciation and good manners.

Putting a Napkin on Their Lap

Lastly, the “Napkin on Your Lap” rule is a simple but important one. Teach your child to place their napkin on their lap during the meal. This keeps their clothes clean and shows that they’re paying attention and being respectful of the meal.