Why Singing With Your Baby is a Great Idea

Being around infants is a constant learning experience, both for them and yourself. They are always looking for opportunities to gain new knowledge and learn new skills, and watching them interact with the world will bring endless surprises. A lovely activity for you both to engage in is singing. Here are some reasons why.

A Simple and Positive Experience

Singing is such a simple activity but brings so much joy. It creates a lovely sound of music with just your voice and makes your whole body feel alive. Your child will love both of these aspects of this activity. 

Helps Them Learn

There is plenty of evidence to suggest the benefits that song has on information intake and retention. Whether it’s a simple nursery rhyme with some hidden facts about the world or a song with a specific message, having this sung to them and them joining in will aid their learning a great deal.

A Lovely Way to Bond

Anyone who has sung or created music with other people knows how much of an effect it has on social bonding. Sharing in the activity of creating some lovely sounds together is an ideal way to bond with your little one and something they will likely remember into their adult years.