Why it’s Important to Be Open to Your Child’s Music Taste

Music is such a personal thing. There are so many styles and genres of music out there, and each of us has a totally unique mixture of what we enjoy and don’t enjoy. Sharing music tastes with others is a lovely experience and a great way to bond, and it can be less easy when tastes are extremely different. If your child is into music and has started developing their own taste but you’re not keen, you should still try to bond with them and be more open to it. Here is why.

Music is a Special Thing to Share

As mentioned, bonding with someone over music is a special thing. Even if you don’t like the songs they listen to, you can chat about the musical instruments and find a connection there, or talk about the joys of live music.

It Can Lead to Distancing

If you are completely dismissive of the music they like then it can cause some tension and distancing between you. Music is such a big thing for many people, so not attempting to share it with your child may well be hurtful to them.

You Can Learn From Each Other

It may well be that once you open up more to it you can understand more what they like, and they will no doubt pick up some information and passion from you.