Why Carving Out Some Time for Exercise is Important

When you’re a parent, it can be easy to feel like your time is not your own. Between parent-teacher meetings, soccer matches, collecting your kid from playdates, and taking care of your family and home, it’s hard to find much time in which to relax or focus on your hobbies. However, it is really important to find at least an hour a week so that you can focus on yourself. Regular exercise has so many physical and mental health benefits, just check out these three top reasons why prioritizing some time to exercise is a must.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

As cliche as it sounds, moving your body in a healthy way can have a profound impact on your happiness and contentment levels. If you find yourself snapping at your kids or your partner or feeling overwhelmed by your work, these are clear signs that you need to take a step back and engage in some healthy exercise. Whether you choose to go for a run, do a yoga session, or hit the gym, moving your body will help to heal your mind.

Set an Example

Parents want their kids to lead happy and healthy lives. What better way to encourage this than by setting the example yourself? By consistently prioritizing exercise and demonstrating that you’re not going to give up just because you’re tired or it’s raining, your kids will learn about the amazing benefits of exercise and will be more likely to maintain a healthy attitude to physical movement when they grow up.

Calm Down

Spending some time focusing on some movement that you love will help you to stay calmer throughout the rest of the week. Whether your kids are running late for school again, or someone has spilled milk and cereal all over the new carpet, family life can bring its own challenges. Knowing that you have a block of time in which to exercise and enjoy some time to yourself can help you breeze through challenges that you might otherwise find yourself feeling stressed by.