What to Do if Your Kid Doesn’t Get Invited to a Party

Missing out on socializing and feeling left out is many adult’s worst nightmare, and this often stems from childhood experiences. No parent wants to find out that their child’s peers have had a party without them, and it can lead to upset and a loss of confidence for your child. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to stay calm and act rationally. Here are some tips on how to deal with this difficulty.

Talk to the Hosts

If it’s a big birthday party, it may be that the parents of the child whose party it is have genuinely forgotten to hand out an invite. Approach the parents and talk calmly, explaining that you are a little surprised and your kid is upset that they haven’t received an invite. Hopefully, an invite will be extended, but if that’s not the case you still need to stay calm and think about the next steps.

Ask a Friend

If possible, find a friend who you know you can trust, who also knows the family who are hosting the party. Be open and upfront, explain the situation, and say you’d like your friend to be honest and let you know if there’s a reason they know of for your kid not being invited. Whilst it may be hard to hear, it’s important to listen and take whatever this friend says seriously. It can help you mend the situation and get your kid involved socially again.

Talk to Your Kid

You may not be able to fix this situation for your kid, but it’s really important that you check in with them and talk it over. Some children may not be that bothered, whilst others will be feeling upset and left out. Reassure them, and perhaps plan a party of your own (inviting everyone in their class so it doesn’t seem like payback). This will let you see your kid interacting with their peers in a party environment, so you can assess if there are any issues between them and their friends.