Watch Grandparents Keep Missing Hints About Their Daughter’s Pregnancy

Some people like to be flashy with announcing they are expecting a baby, while others like to keep it low-key and even make it a fun surprise. Canadian Lee Buona opted for the second method when she wanted to tell her parents, Beverley and Roger, that she was pregnant again, but her efforts ended up failing.

Lee recently shared a clip on Instagram from the dinner she and her husband Alex prepared for Beverley and Roger to tell them that their family was becoming bigger. They chose not to tell them directly, but devised a plan to drop hints and see if the elderly couple could figure it out by themselves—they had their 19-month-old son Oakland wear a shirt with a “BROTHER” sign written on it.

When it became obvious that Beverley and Roger weren’t getting the message, Lee and Alex started making it more obvious. They encouraged Oakland to ask his grandparents about his outfit before telling the couple to take a better look at the inscription on the boy’s shirt.

With the grandparents struggling to read, Alex went ahead and placed the boy on the dinner table.

“Really!?” Beverley realizes. “Oh my God! Congratulations!”

Roger remains slightly confused for a moment before the message becomes clear to him as well.

Check out this amazingly hilarious video below.