Travel Babbo Will Inspire You To Explore the World With Your Family


Traveling the world with your kids may sound like a mission impossible, but Eric Stoen actually made it happen. The mastermind behind the travel blog Travel Babbo has been exploring the world with his family for years, and he visited over 60 countries with his kids.

Stoen fell in love with travel in his youth, and his travel addiction followed him since he spent a few semesters studying in Europe. He tried to visit at least five new countries each year from that point on, and his love for travel didn’t fade away once he got married and became a dad.

His kids are now teenagers, and they got to travel to Europe for the first time while they were still toddlers. By the time they turned four, Stoen encouraged them to pick any destination in the world every year for a one-on-one trip with him and saw their time traveling together as a unique bonding experience.

After years of working in healthcare, Stoen decided to quit his job in 2014 and travel the world with his family. They started sharing their travel adventures on the blog Travel Babbo and attracted over 350,000 followers on Instagram.

“Posts here detail our trips with the kids: the things that we’ve learned and the places we’ve discovered in more than 800,000 miles of family travel. There are a lot of ways to travel with kids – the most important thing is just doing it. Book a trip and go,” Stoen writes on his blog.