Three Of The Best Pets For Younger Kids

Is your kid clamoring for a dog, but you’re just not sure they’re ready? If you and your family are prepared to get a pet, why not consider one of these options before a larger animal like a cat or a dog? Caring for them will teach your kid important skills, and keep them occupied while they wait for a puppy.


Fish are beautiful to look at, and require relatively little care. Start small, with a few fish – an overcrowded tank can be stressful for the fish, and harder to clean and take care of. Teach your kid how to feed them, and make sure they help you with cleaning out the tank – this will be an important lesson that not all aspects of pet ownership are fun and games!


Gerbils are smaller and quieter than similar rodents such as guinea pigs. You can keep them inside, although be sure to clean out their cage or living space regularly. Do be aware that one of the biggest issues with these pets is that they are easily lost once removed from their cage, so keep a close eye on them and encourage your kid to leave them in the cage.


Rabbits are cute, cuddly, and just one step down from a dog in terms of care and attention. They will need feeding, playing with, stimulation in their cage or living space, and calm, quiet owners. If this is in place, they can make delightful pets, and are definitely capable of showing affection.

Getting any kind of pet is a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly. If you and your family are ready, it may be worth trying something a little smaller and easier to care for before you try a dog or cat.