These 3 Gifts Will Make Great Stocking Fillers

The joy of gift-giving comes alive as Christmas approaches, and stockings are right at the heart of this. There’s something very exciting about unearthing wonderful little surprises in a big sock at the foot of your bed. Here are three gifts that will be perfect as stocking fillers.

Mini Puzzles

Opening a stocking and finding a challenging puzzle can be a very satisfying way to spend some of Christmas Day. If your children are very into their puzzles, you could get them something like a Rubik’s Cube, which is very hard to solve but makes for a good challenge. If they are less inclined to solve puzzles, you could get them a mini jigsaw or a similar puzzle.

Lego Pieces

Lego is one of the most beloved toys in the world, and you can get some great stocking-sized Lego sets that come with assembly instructions. This is a great stocking gift as your child will enjoy building their set, and then have a new toy that they have built as well. You can also get individual Lego pieces if your child would prefer to build something of their own.

Mini Notebook

A mini notebook is a great stocking filler as it can be used for making notes, keeping a journal, or doodling. Whatever your child is interested in, they will be able to make use of a notebook. This gift will also work if you are getting stocking gifts for an adult. Who doesn’t love having new notebooks to write in?