The Essential Shoe Styles Your Kid Needs

Buying shoes for kids can be a frustrating experience, as no sooner have you left the store with some brand new, boxed-up shoes, your kid is likely to be complaining that their feet are getting pinched and they need to size up again! With this in mind, it can be a good idea to limit your kids’ shoes to some essential styles so that they have options and versatility, but you don’t have to worry about spending a small fortune on children’s footwear. Here are three of the essential shoe styles most kids will need.


Children adore running around on sand or grass in the summer. Sandals offer a good compromise, as you can insist that shoes stay on but your kid can still feel the sun, wind, and sand on their toes through the sandals. If your child is younger, it may be worth opting for a pull-on pair, as children can struggle with the buckles found in many sandal styles.

Smart Sneakers

As well as investing in a pair of sandals and sturdy boots, make sure your child has some cute and comfortable sneakers to slip on their feet on those more active days. Sneakers are generally easy to wear and lightweight, so your child can do plenty of moving and running around, but they will protect feet a little more than sandals. Opt for a pull-on pair, or if your child is learning to do their laces, use a new pair of lace-up sneakers as an incentive.

Winter Boots

Buying a pair of zip-up or pull-on winter boots is a must, as your child is likely to have plenty of puddles to navigate on their way to school in the winter. Although kids are often drawn to embellishments such as fake fur linings, try and encourage your child to see the benefits of a simple, sturdy pair that will keep their feet warm and dry throughout the colder months.