Staying Safe This Winter- How to Keep You and Your Family Healthy This Winter

The dark and cold of mid-winter can bring with it some challenges to keeping you and your family healthy. The cold can make illnesses more common, and it can be easy to eat comfort food and neglect vegetables. Use these three tips to keep you and your family safe this winter.

Wrap Up Warm

One of the main reasons for getting ill in the wintertime is simply the lower temperatures that weaken your immune system. Whilst out and about, encourage your children to wear thermal layers as well as scarves, hats, and gloves, so they are less exposed to the chill. When in the house, you can conserve heat and energy by shutting doors and wearing jumpers and lots of blankets to stay cozy.

Aim For Nutritional Balance

In many parts of the world, vegetables with lots of minerals and nutritional value are not in season anymore. This means it’s easy to miss out on lots of good stuff in the winter. You can try and make up for this by swapping vegetables such as tomatoes for vegetables that do grow in the winter, like squash or sprouts. Otherwise, you can buy tinned fruit and vegetables, or else stock up on some multivitamin tablets to keep you healthy this winter.

Maintain Hand Hygiene

Another big factor that can make you ill is germs spread through touching surfaces in public. An easy way to mitigate this is to encourage you and your family to regularly wash their hands with soap and hot water, or alternatively, you can carry around a bottle of hand sanitizer so that you can keep germs away on the go.