These Kids Versions of Instruments Can Help Your Child Learn to Play

If you’re paying for music lessons for your child, it’s essential that they have their own version of the instrument to play and practice on at home. However, full-sized versions of certain instruments are often too large and complex for younger children to play. Children’s versions often have specific adaptations, such as nylon rather than steel strings on a guitar, which will make the playing experience more comfortable and practical for your kid. Here are three kids’ versions of instruments that you should invest in if you want your child to learn them.


Children’s guitars are smaller than full-sized versions, making them easier to hold and play. They will also generally have nylon strings which are gentler on the fingers, and sometimes come with features such as clearly marked fretboards, or a built-in tuner, to make the learning experience a bit simpler.


Like guitars, violins designed for kids will generally be smaller and more compact. Importantly, these violins are often cheaper than full-sized versions, which is important as the instrument is likely to get a fair amount of wear and tear when being played by your kid.


To get your kid started on the piano, it can be a good idea to invest in a toy version at first. Not only are these simpler, with fewer notes to worry about, but the gap between the keys is considerably smaller than a full-sized piano, allowing your child to play chords more comfortably. These small pianos will also fit easily into your kid’s room, whereas a full-sized piano may not.