Reasons Your Child is Having a Meltdown After School

You know the drill: School’s out, the kids are home, and suddenly, there’s a meltdown in the making. If this sounds like a regular part of your after-school routine, you might be wondering what’s behind these emotional eruptions. While each child is unique, here are a few common reasons children might have a meltdown after school.


At school, children are processing new information, navigating social dynamics, and adhering to structured routines. By the time they return to the safety and quiet of their home, they may have hit their limit, resulting in a meltdown as their way of releasing that pent-up sensory overload.

Transition Stress

Transitions can be hard for children, and the shift from the structured environment of school to the freedom of home is no exception. Children might not even fully understand why they feel so out of sorts, only that they’re experiencing discomfort that leads to a meltdown.

Bottled-Up Emotions

School can be an emotional rollercoaster. From the highs of playing with friends to the lows of academic pressures or social conflicts, children experience a wide range of emotions throughout the day. Many feel the need to keep these emotions in check while at school. Once home, these bottled-up feelings can come rushing out.