Make Your Kids Fall in Love With Salads in Five Short Steps

Salads are one of the healthiest dishes on the market, but if your kids aren’t too crazy about them—you’re not alone. Many parents struggle to convince their children to eat this veggie-rich dish, but you can make them fall in love with salads by following these five simple steps.

Lead By Example

As with most things you’re trying to convince your kids are good, you should lead by example. Regularly prepare salads for both yourself and your youngsters so they can see you enjoying this healthy dish.

Start Early

The earlier you introduce your little ones to healthy foods, the more time they’ll have to fall in love with them, so start early when it comes to salads.

Start Small

If you’re just adding a salad to your kid’s diet, you should start small—by both chopping your greens into smaller pieces and serving a small portion so your children wouldn’t be too overwhelmed.

Toppings & Dressings

Toppings and dressings can make your salad extra-delicious, and your kids will most likely enjoy it more if you add their favorites to the mix.

Perfect Pick

You should stay persistent when your kid doesn’t like a certain veggie and let them try it a few times, but don’t go overboard. Other veggies can be just as healthy, so choose your greens wisely and stick with veggies with a milder taste so your little ones would enjoy them.