Laura Dove Will Inspire You to Explore the World With Your Family


It’s not always easy to set time aside to travel the world with your family, but Laura Dove is doing everything in her power to get it done. The author of the popular travel blog Five Little Dove is exploring the world with her children, and she’s here to inspire you to do the same.

Dove is a travel blogger based in Lancashire, UK and the name of her blog is a homage to her five children: Lewis (19), Eva (11), Megan (10), Harrison (9), and Joseph, who’s still a huge part of their family after sadly passing away in 2006.

Travel photos are the cornerstone of Dove’s blog, but her content is pretty versatile, and her priority is to share honest accounts about the highs and lows of family life.

“My goal as a blogger has always been to make other parents feel a little less lonely… I want to show that, regardless of your story, there is always a way to find happiness and, although it may not be the life you had planned, it can be a happy life nonetheless,” writes Dove on her blog.

We’ve seen Dove’s family travel all around Europe in beyond since starting her blog about a decade ago, and her Instagram page is now followed by over 60,000 people.