Kaley Cuoco Explains Why She Didn’t Read Any Parenting Books Before Giving Birth


Being a parent for the first time can seem like a scary journey, and most new moms and dads rely on parenting books to give them a push in the right direction. Kaley Cuoco isn’t one of them, and she recently explained why she hasn’t read any parenting books before or after giving birth.

Cuoco previously revealed that she has a pretty laid-back approach to parenting, saying she read “zero books” to prepare for it. She doubled down on that statement almost two months after giving birth during a recent appearance at a fundraiser event.

“Still haven’t read a damn thing. We find ourselves in a very natural situation. We’re just kind of going with the flow. She really tells us what she wants… She’s really just awesome, and we’re loving it. We didn’t read anything, and it’s working for us,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

Cuoco welcomed her first child with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey back on March 30, and their daughter Matilda is now around five weeks old. The Flight Attendant star said their daughter is “thriving” despite the fact she didn’t read any parenting books beforehand. She also revealed she became one of those moms who are obsessed with documenting every little moment because she’s in awe of everything her daughter does.