Ideas for Getting Your Kids Involved With Dinner Prep

Getting your kids involved in dinner preparation can be a great way to teach them cooking skills. Yes, it may mean that the process will take a bit longer, but the bonding time with your kids will surely make it worth it. 

Designate Weekly Theme Nights

Create theme nights to make cooking feel like a fun event for your kids. For example, have a “Taco Tuesday” or “Pizza Night” where they get to choose their favorite toppings. 

Teach Basic Cooking Skills

Use dinner prep as an opportunity to teach your kids basic cooking skills. Start with simple tasks like cracking eggs, stirring ingredients, or peeling vegetables. As they become more comfortable, you can introduce more advanced techniques.

Grocery Store Adventures

Take your kids with you to the grocery store. Let them choose fruits, vegetables, or snacks they’d like to include in the meal. They’ll feel more motivated to help cook the things they pick out themselves. 

Family Cooking Challenges

Turn dinner prep into a friendly family competition. Challenge your kids to create their own unique dish with a set of ingredients. Maybe start with a salad or another simple dish. Then, have a taste test to see whose creation is the most delicious.