How to Support Kids That Suffer From Travel Sickness

Travel sickness is enough to put anyone off long car or train journeys. If your child suffers from it, it’s likely that this impacts trips for the whole family, which can be distressing. While there isn’t one clear cure for travel sickness, there are things that can be done to mitigate it. Check out these three approaches to dealing with travel sickness.


Dehydration and thirst can exacerbate the symptoms of travel sickness. Provide your kid with a flask of cold water, as this is better at cutting through nausea than warm water. If they like citrus fruits, you could even add a slice or two of lemon or orange to the flask. Advise your child to take small sips throughout the journey, to combat their travel nausea. 

Window Seat

It’s really important that anyone who suffers from travel sickness has access to a window seat. Being able to look at objects at a far distance can reduce the effects of travel sickness, so a front seat is ideal. If this isn’t possible, make sure your kid is seated in one of the passenger seats in the back.

Salted Snacks

Lightly salted, plain, crunchy snacks can reduce nausea as well as the anxiety that many kids suffer from as a result of their travel sickness. Think chips, salted nuts, and crackers. As with the water, try and encourage your kid to eat these snacks slowly, pausing every now and again to avoid making the nausea worse.