How to Speed Up Your Labor

While getting ready to welcome your child into the world is a joyful and euphoric experience, going into labor can be a grueling time for any mother-in-waiting. Fortunately, you may be able to accelerate this period and get to the good part. Here are some ways that you may be able to speed up your labor.

Get Up

Although you may be in pain, try standing up and walking around. Gravity will help to pressure your cervix and push the baby down to your pelvis while moving around helps this process further. Some mothers even claim that this makes their labor less painful.

Apply Pressure

You can try to massage the sore area to speed up your labor as well as undergo acupressure. Even if this doesn’t accelerate your labor, these techniques may relieve some pressure. Acupressure, which can be performed by a doula, helps to produce more oxytocin, thereby facilitating contractions.

Change Positions

Your baby’s position could be slowing down your labor without you realizing it. Try sitting on a birth ball or a rocking chair in order to get your baby into the ideal position for delivery. If you have an epidural, ask a nurse for assistance to move around.