How to Manage When Your Kid Becomes Vegan

Whether they have returned from college for the holidays with this new lifestyle choice, or their friends at school are all doing it, having your child declare their recent change to being vegan is a big deal. If you are usually a meat-eating family, then this can be a huge thing to adapt to. Here are some important things to remember to help this change run as smoothly as possible for you all. 

Talk to Them About Their Decision

It’s quite a big decision, and you will likely feel much better after chatting this through with them. It can be good to determine their main reasoning so that you can see their perspective and consider this issue for yourself. It’s much better to get as good an understanding as possible so you can support them and get involved when possible. 

Research Balanced Meal Ideas

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that opting for more vegan foods can be beneficial for the environment, not to mention animal welfare. You can use their choice as an opportunity to try more vegan meals as a family. It’s good to research how to put together a balanced vegan meal, as you’ll need to think more carefully about protein, iron, B vitamins, and much more. Taking the time to do this will also show your child that you are interested and supportive.