How to Make Time for Yourself When You Have Kids

If you have kids, particularly younger children, it can be easy to find yourself without a moment to yourself. Everyone needs time to reflect and recharge though, so it’s important to make time even if you feel swept off your feet. Here are some simple ways that you can make time for yourself whilst still being a great parent to your kids.

Find Moments for Yourself

One way of finding moments for yourself is to establish a routine. This can create predictability in your household, allowing you to anticipate moments when you can unwind. If you’re able to prioritize certain tasks and delegate responsibilities to your partner or older children, you can free up valuable time for activities that replenish your energy.

Self-Care Together

Make self-care a family affair by incorporating personal time into shared activities. Engage in hobbies or exercises that you and your children can enjoy together. This might be a nature walk, arts and crafts, a cozy reading session, or anything that works really. Finding common ground fosters family connection while providing you with moments of relaxation.

Set Boundaries

Recognize your limits and set clear boundaries to protect your well-being. Learning to say no to additional commitments that may compromise your personal time is very important. By doing so, you create space for self-care. Utilize naptime or designated quiet time for personal rejuvenation—whether reading, meditating, or taking a short nap, these moments become daily rituals to recharge your physical and mental well-being.