How to Make Bathtime More Appealing 

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a grubby toddler who refuses to have a bath without it turning into a whole fiasco. While a hot bubble bath might be the epitome of luxury to you as an adult, for children it often feels more like a punishment than a reward. Here are a few ideas to help it appeal more to your little one.

Get Some Bath Toys

Bathtime suddenly becomes a joyful experience when there are games and toys involved. Whether it’s a simple rubber duck or some kind of toy boat, having these fun objects to play with will help the whole experience seem less daunting to your kid. 

Use Fun Bath Products

Herbal bath oil might be a dream for you, but not so much for kids. Choose a fun-shaped bottle, or go all out with some bath foam. These quirky products will help bathing feel more exciting and special, and help your toddler get all squeaky clean.

Play Some Background Music

Just having some chill background ambiance will help create a more calm mood and help your child feel more at ease and relaxed. You could choose some general relaxing music, or choose some songs you know they love to help them feel more upbeat.