How to Help Your Teen Get Over a Breakup

Life as a teenager is challenging, especially because for many, it’s the time that they are introduced to dating. While joyful, dating can sometimes be tough, especially when it comes to breakups. Here is how you can help your teen get over a breakup and ultimately, mend a broken heart.

Be Available

By simply showing your teen that you are available to talk to them you can show them support without smothering them. What’s more, by being the first person to show them support, your teens will feel more openly ready to trust your guidance, bringing you close together.

Validate Their Feelings

One reason why people are often hesitant to open up is because they fear judgment. By showing your kids that you are ready to listen and accept their feelings, they’ll be more ready to talk and thus, release their feelings and begin to feel better.

Check In

Even after you and your teen have discussed their feelings and reached a breakthrough, your job is not over yet. Getting over a breakup entirely can take time, meaning that you’ll need to check in with your teen from time to time to ensure they’re coping with the situation. This also shows your teen that your care is constant and unconditional.