How to Establish Routines in Your Household

Family routines are really useful when it comes to making sure that everyone is organized and ready for work, school, or whatever activities you’re up to on the weekend. Setting clear routines can also benefit your child as they develop, as it will help them to learn the importance of routines and give them skills in developing their own as they get older. Check out these tips on how to get routines established in your household, and make sure that they are stuck too.

Start With Reminders

If you’re trying to establish a new family routine, it can be useful to set alarms and reminders to keep you all accountable and on track. Kids can enjoy the challenge of getting ready before the alarm sounds, as this makes them feel that they have achieved something within a set time.

Agree Routines Together

When it comes to the non-negotiables, such as getting ready for school in the morning, it’s important that the adults are in charge. However, if you’re trying to set a weekend routine as a family, make sure that everyone is consulted so that everyone is on board with the new routine and makes an effort to stick to it.

Set Some Incentives

While you don’t want to resort to bribery, if your kid is really struggling with getting used to a new routine, it can be nice to use a trip to their favorite park or restaurant as an incentive for sticking with the new routine for a week. Meeting this milestone will mean the routine is well on its way to becoming embedded, so it’s worth rewarding your kid for getting so far.