How to Encourage Your Baby to Play With Toys

Playing with toys shouldn’t be the only thing that a baby does, but it is something that could be beneficial for them to learn how to do. Most babies are usually able to do it without any issues, but there are certain babies that don’t take to toys as easily. There could be a few reasons for this, but if this happens with your baby, here’s one thing you can do that may help.

Play With Them Yourself

It could be that your baby doesn’t want to play with toys because they see it as a lonely activity. Perhaps they want you, their beloved parent, to join them in the fun. We know that baby toys may not excite you a whole lot, but you should be excited over the idea of bonding with your child over something they enjoy.

Approach them with their toys and show them how to properly play with them. Start to “enjoy” it yourself as you toggle between playing with them yourself and inviting your baby to share in the fun as well. If you’re able to pull it off, your baby will start to have fun playing with the toys without your help in the future.