How to Respond When Your Kid is Asking for a Pony

This is a classic conundrum that does come up frequently for parents—your child asking for their own pony. Whether they’ve got a friend with one or have watched some horse and pony TV shows, the desire to have a pony is common. For many parents, this is very unrealistic, but it can be hard to express this to your pleading child. Here are some useful points to help you approach this.

Be Honest About Money

There’s no need to pretend to your child that money isn’t a huge factor. While they may not fully accept it, to begin with, you can help them to understand by explaining how costly it truly is to have a horse and how it’s simply not feasible. It will be hard for them to hear, but it’s necessary for them to be aware of these things.

Go Over the Practicalities With Them 

As well as money, a major reason most people can’t begin to consider having a pony is all the impracticalities involved. For example, the space for it to live, and looking after it when you’re away. Again, while this kind of conversation may not feel great to have with your child, they need to have a clear and honest understanding of the nature of the situation.