3 Ideas for Themed Birthday Parties

Birthdays are a big deal when you’re young. It’s super exciting turning another year older, and you get to celebrate with friends and family. To help your child get the most out of their special day, you could try a themed party. This will require a bit of effort to organize but will be well worth it for all the children’s enjoyment.

Woodland Elves

Turn your home into a cute grotto with some vine decorations and fairy lights. You could have some fake trees made of cardboard and have activities such as following the fairy trail through the forest to save the fairies. Fairy cakes and toadstool cookies are ideal on-theme snacks.


Drape blue cellophane from the ceiling and get some blue lights. You could have a treasure chest which the kids have to figure out puzzles to open and share the treasure. Encourage the kids to wear fish and mermaid outfits, and for food, you could turn salad leaves into seaweed and have tuna sandwiches. 

Outer Space

Get creative with tin foil and try making stars and planets to decorate your home. Turn one of the rooms into Mars or the Moon, and have the kids follow clues from extraterrestrial life to return their spaceship home. Astronaut and alien outfits get extra points.