5 Ways to Get Your Kids Hooked on Reading

Getting kids excited about reading can sometimes feel like pulling teeth, especially in this day and age, with screen temptations lurking everywhere. But igniting a love for books is possible, even when it comes to the most reluctant readers. Here are five useful strategies to turn your kids into emerging bookworms. 

Create a Reading Oasis

Design a cozy reading nook in your home filled with comfy cushions, soft blankets, and shelves stocked with enticing books. Make it a special space where kids can escape into their imaginations.

Be a Role Model

Show your kids that reading is cool by making it a part of your daily routine. Set aside time for family reading sessions and let your children see you enjoying books of your own.

Make it Interactive

Choose books with engaging stories, colorful illustrations, and interactive elements like lift-the-flap or touch-and-feel features. Encourage kids to participate by asking questions, making predictions, or acting out scenes from the story.

Visit the Library or Bookstore

Take regular trips to the library or bookstore and let your kids explore the shelves to discover new treasures. Attend storytime sessions or author events to make the experience even more exciting.

Incorporate Books into Daily Life

Integrate reading into every day activities by incorporating books into bedtime routines, car rides, and mealtimes. Encourage kids to read menus, signs, and labels to make reading a natural part of their environment.