How to Catch Up on Rest as a Sleep Deprived Mother

When it comes to combating sleep deprivation as a new mom, sometimes the most effective solutions lie outside the conventional playbook. The problem is, that it’s next to impossible to get creative when you’re constantly exhausted. So, here are some less conventional strategies that might actually change your life.

Babysitter, Home Edition

Babysitter is not just for date nights anymore. Consider hiring one, even if you’re at home, only to catch up on sleep. Knowing that someone else is watching over your little one can provide the mental freedom you need to truly rest.

Sleep Cooperative

If your budget is limited, consider coordinating with other parents in your social circle for a sleep cooperative. By taking turns watching each other’s children, everyone can recharge without the financial burden of hiring help.

Utilize Partner’s Leave

Your partner’s sick days or vacation days can be a lifeline. Decide on occasional “baby duty holidays” where your partner takes the reins completely, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep and much-needed rejuvenation.