How To Beat The Back-To-School Blues

For many children, the return to school after a summer of fun is an exciting, joyous time. Children get to experience new classrooms, new teachers, and, of course, the wonders of brand-new stationary sets and pencil cases. But for some youngsters, going back to school is a time of anxiety and dread. Even children who normally enjoy school can find heading back after weeks away nerve-wracking. If this is the case for your child, read these tips on how to help them transition smoothly back into a new school year.

Prioritize Family Time

For many children, what they’re really worried about is not the return to school, but the loss of time spent with you and other family members. Summer is a time for most of the family to relax and enjoy time together, and going back to school can feel like a wrench. Explain to your child that even though they’re going back to school, you can still spend time together after school and at the weekends. Ask them what they’d like to do at weekends and plan a day trip together. This way, they can go back to school knowing that they’ll still get to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Talk To Their Teacher

If your child is really struggling with the idea of going back, contact their teacher and let them know. A good teacher will meet your child at the door on the first day, and have a gentle conversation to check in and see how they are. If your child understands that school staff want the best for them and are working with you to make their return to school simpler, they will start to trust their teacher and feel happier in the classroom.

Make A Memory Book

Spend some time making a memory book to capture the best moments of the summer with your child. Get them to select photos to print out, write captions to explain what was happening, and make notes about the places you’ve been and the people you’ve seen. You could even get other family members, such as grandparents or cousins, to write small contributions in the book. This way, your child will have something physical to connect them with the summer, and it will remind them that they will have more holidays and breaks from school, filled with just as much fun as the last one.