How Much Screen Time Should You Allow Your Children?

There’s no secret in our modern society that digital devices such as smartphones or iPads can be mentally harmful. This is true for adults, and thus all the more so for youngsters as well. Since kids growing up don’t know any better, it’s on us as parents to guide them and set boundaries around how much screen time should be allowed for them. So how much screen time should we be allowing our children?

Regarding Smartphones

In order to properly assess this situation, let’s divide the various screens into proper categories. Smartphones are an entity in their own right and a behemoth that needs to be tackled on their own. Probably the most addicting out of all devices, and essentially an added limb onto our bodies, it can seem almost impossible to separate it from your child. However, there are ways to see how much time you’ve spent on your phone, and you should be utilizing that with your kid. Tell them that from the time they get home from school until they go to sleep, they can only spend one hour on their smartphone—and only after they’ve finished their homework.

All Other Devices

In terms of all other devices, there shouldn’t be that much more wiggle room than allotted for smartphones. Perhaps they can be allowed to watch a couple of Netflix episodes and a few YouTube clips. If they’re more into video games, a half-hour tops should be more than enough. These devices, like smartphones, can also be very addicting and must be reined in.