Here is Why You Shouldn’t Teach Your Child to Keep Secrets

We often hear that kids are children and not good at keeping secrets. But that only goes so long until their parents, deliberately or unintentionally, teach them to change that behavior. Keeping secrets isn’t something you should teach your child, especially at young age. Here is why.

It Can Be Dangerous

You might think there is no harm in telling your child to keep a few harmless secrets. But if they keep secrets from others, they might start keeping secrets from you, which could end up being dangerous.

It Sets a Bad Behavior Pattern

Kids who learn to keep secrets at a young age get only better at that as they grow up. This could set a bad behavior pattern that could be harmful to their relationships with family, friends, and partners when they are older.

It is Stressful

If you have ever kept a secret, especially some important one, you know how much of a burden that can be and how it can cause stress. Keeping a secret will have the same effect on your child, but they are less equipped to deal with these consequences. This can have a negative effect on their well-being.