Fun Family Outdoor Activities

Having some outdoor space with a family is amazing. You can have dinner al fresco when the weather’s good and enjoy a full-on barbeque. You can also simply enjoy some quiet outdoor time with a book each. There’s also the opportunity to play some fun games, so here are a few to try. 

French Cricket

This is like a simplified version of standard cricket. It has the same basic setup of a batter and people throwing the ball to them and then trying to catch it after it’s been hit. You can tweak it however you like to suit your space and the number of people playing.


This game typically uses a net in the middle, but if you don’t have one available you can just bat it to each other. The shuttlecock used is very light so this game is good with kids as they can’t do too much damage and it’s also very fun. 

Piggy in the Middle

This is super fun and only requires a ball. The basic idea is two people throwing a ball to each other with someone in the middle trying to catch it first. You can also play around with this one by having more people in the middle or on the outside as throwers.