Easy Kitchen Tasks to Get Kids Involved With Cooking 

It’s super important to get kids involved with as many household tasks as you can from an early age. They will learn that everyone needs to chip in to the running of a household which is an essential life lesson to understand. Additionally, they will gradually pick up some useful skills which can be applied to other activities as well. But when they are young you don’t want to be handing them challenging tasks, so here are some simple kitchen ones to get them started. 

Washing Veggies

This is a crucial role but also very simple to complete, with no sharp knives or other complicated tools involved. You can simultaneously teach kids the importance of health and safety by cleaning food while also letting them feel a sense of accomplishment for such a helpful step in the cooking process. 

Setting a Timer

This activity is simple but will help them to learn the importance of timing with cooking. If you have an old-fashioned kitchen timer then this is great, and if not you’ll just need to show them how to access it on your phone.

Laying the Table

This is another nice and basic task that is also a very significant step in the process of preparing a family meal. It’s also low stakes so you can allow them to carry out the activity solo and you can do a quick check before sitting down to eat that everything you need is there.