Does Your Kid Hate Eating Vegetables?

For whatever reason, it’s not uncommon for little kids to not only dislike, but straight out hate vegetables. They seem to prefer anything sugary, fatty, and carb-rich—go figure! Still, there are a few useful tricks to help you outsmart those veggie haters and sneak some nutrients into their diet.

Get Sneaky

First things first: get sneaky. Sneak veggies into dishes your little ones already love, like blending spinach into smoothies, shredding zucchini into spaghetti sauce, or adding pureed carrots to muffins and pancakes.

Walk the Walk

Show your kid that veggies are tasty by incorporating them into your own meals and snacks. Be enthusiastic and adventurous with your veggie choices, and they’ll be more likely to follow suit.

Make it Fun

Turn mealtime into a playful adventure by getting creative with veggie shapes, colors, and presentations. Try making veggie rainbows on their plate, arranging them into funny faces, or letting them dip their greens into tasty sauces.

Cook Together

Get your child involved in the cooking process. Let them pick out veggies at the grocery store, wash and chop them (with supervision, of course), and help assemble meals. Kids are more likely to try foods they’ve helped prepare.

Keep it Positive

Avoid making veggies a battleground. Instead of forcing them to eat their veggies, offer gentle encouragement and praise when they do. Celebrate any small wins and be patient – it may take some time for their taste buds to adjust.