Best Games for All the Family to Enjoy This Christmas Season

Christmas is a great time of year to gather the family around and cozy up on a cold night, and games are a great way to spend the evenings. Here are three games that everyone in the family can enjoy over the Christmas period.

Snakes And Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a classic board game that is perfect for younger children. The game is effective in its simplicity as each player tries to climb the ladders to win the game. But avoiding the snakes is harder than it sounds, and the game can be entertaining for adults and children alike.


Jenga is a game that tests your nerves as you try to remove a block from the tower and build it higher and higher. It requires patience and calmness as the tower becomes less stable with every move. This game is very fun for everyone in the family and offers a change of pace from other board games that are more about strategy.


Charades is a very fun game for big groups as players act out cultural phenomena and other players attempt to guess. This game brings a lot of energy to a Christmas get-together and can be played by all ages.