Best Board Games to Play as a Family

Board games are a great way to spend a family night. Chances are you’ll leave the game night with new inside jokes and funny stories to recount after. Here are some great games to have on hand for your next game night. 

Exploding Kittens

With a name like this, you know it’s going to be fun. In exploding kittens, players draw cards, hoping to avoid the explosive “exploding kitten” while using cards like defuse, skip, and favor to outwit opponents.


Catan is a classic strategy game involving resource management and trading. Settle an island by building roads, settlements, and cities while trading resources with fellow players. It’s easy to learn and has plenty of excitement with the trading involved. 


Dixit is a storytelling game that will spark imagination and creativity. Players use beautifully illustrated cards to come up with imaginative stories. The challenge is to guess which card matches the story told—an engaging game that encourages artistic expression.


Build a medieval landscape by placing tiles depicting cities, roads, and fields. Players strategically place their followers (meeples) to claim areas. It’s a fun combination of strategy and luck suitable for all ages.