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7 Reasons All New Moms Cry

Ever notice new moms at the grocery store or the park with tear-stained peepers? Here’s a peek into their crazy lives to explain just why they cry so much.

Why Chores Will Make Your Child a Better Person

Julie Lythcott-Haims, former dean of freshmen at Stanford University and author of How to Raise an Adult says that, “By making them do chores — taking out the garbage, doing their own laundry — they realize they have to do the work of life in order to be part of life."

What To Teach Your Kids Before They Start School

As a parent, one of the most exciting milestones that you will watch your children achieve is going to school for the first time. Whether it is preschool, pre-K, or first grade, it is always exciting to watch your little one still into the classroom with their adorable outfit and chubby fingers clenched tightly around their lunchbox. You are so excited for all of the educational opportunities and lessons that will be provided for your child in the classroom. But, there are a few things that as a parent, you should teach your children before they even start school.

5 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Your Kid

Birthdays come but once a year - make the party something your son or daughter will never forget with one of these totally unique birthday party themes that you haven't seen a hundred times before. Here are some ideas to give them a birthday they'll never forget.

3 Tips To Raise Well Rounded Kids

Every parent wants the best for their kids. They want them to get the best grades, have the best behavior, and look their best- even though the awkward glasses and braces phase that most pre-teens are forced to endure. Expecting great children and raising great children don’t always go hand in hand. It is important for parents to understand what goes into helping their child or children develop into kind, intelligent, sociable, and caring individuals.

6 Backhanded Compliments Every Mom Is Sick of Hearing

We’ve all heard them or gotten them ourselves, those little-backhanded compliments that are a slap in the face of our parenting. Don’t ever get caught letting loose with one of these whammies.

You Can Pay Someone to Teach Your Child To Sleep

Sleeping is honestly one of life’s greatest pleasures. Often times, the concept of sleep is one that many adults feel is just a far fetched an unattainable luxury. Many adults sacrifice their much-needed sleep time for relationships, social activities, or work responsibilities.

The Toys Your Teething Child Need

Being a parent is hard, but it is also very rewarding. There are periods in our children’s lives that are particularly difficult. One of those difficult times is when your baby is teething. It’s very uncomfortable for the baby but it’s also difficult to get them to simmer down and stop chewing on things that could be dangerous. Fortunately though, there are many great toys to solve these teething issues.

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