Are These Back-to-School Essentials on Your List?

School has started back for most children, and many to-do lists have been checked off in time for the new year. But with so many things to get ready, it’s easy to miss a few essentials – have you got all of these ticked off your list?

Waterproof Rucksack

Most children walk or bike to school, and have to carry books, lunches, and other essentials with them. For this reason, making sure that they have a good rucksack that can support a fair bit of weight is essential. You may also want to make sure you buy them a waterproof bag, as there’s nothing worse than turning up to lessons with soaked books and disintegrating homework.

Sturdy Lunchbox

With the best will in the world, the content of your child’s bag is going to get shaken up throughout the day. Prevent any spillages by buying them a really sturdy, clippable lunchbox. This will keep the contents of the bag clean, and ensure that they have some lunch left to eat when they get to it.


Your child will probably be provided with exercise books for most lessons, but ensuring that they have a notebook with them can help them note down anything they need to remember throughout the day. Most schools don’t allow phones on site, so your child won’t be able to rely on the reminders app on their phone. Go old school, and provide them with a cool notebook and pens so that nothing gets forgotten.