Advice for if Your Kid Has Eczema

Eczema is a really hard thing to be faced with. Having patches of skin that are dry, sore, and itchy is unbearable at times. This painful skin condition is quite common in children, and it’s even harder when they’re young and struggle to understand the concept of not scratching it. Here is some advice for ways to relieve the pain and manage the symptoms.

Have Them Wear Cotton Gloves 

Eczema can be intensely itchy and it’s hard to resist the urge to scratch. This is often worse at night, when eczema is more itchy, and being half asleep means they’re unable to resist at all. However, this of course makes it so much itchier and more painful. While gloves may well not stop them from scratching, they will stop their nails from causing too much damage. 

Use Emollients for Baths

The worst thing for sore, itchy, raw skin is having super-perfumed products used in baths and showers. The moisturizing creams that are recommended for skin affected by eczema also work well instead of bubble baths and shower gels. They help lock in moisture and protect the skin as well as not causing further irritation.