5 Things to Consider When Buying a Lunch Box For Your Kid

Lunch boxes are mini-treasure chests and every child enjoys opening theirs and finding all the tasty treats hiding inside. To make their meals even more fun and enjoyable, it’s important to pick an appropriate lunch box, and here are five factors worth keeping in mind.

Perfect Size

Keep your child’s appetite in mind when picking a lunch box to make sure the size and capacity are appropriate. You want a lunch box that can hold enough food without being too bulky or big.

Safe Materials

It’s worth investing extra in lunch boxes made from durable and safe materials, ranging from BPA-free plastic and stainless steel to silicone, glass, and even bamboo.

Easy Portability

Keep in mind your little one will have to carry their lunch box around all day long, and put extra effort into finding a model that’s lightweight and easy to carry, ideally one with sturdy handles or straps.

Multiple Compartments

Lunch boxes that offer multiple compartments or dividers are super popular for a reason. They make it easier for your child to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal because you can pack a variety of food without mixing them together.


You don’t want your kid to deal with the nightmare of having their lunch leak all over their bag, so make sure to look for a lunch box that’s leak-proof and easy to clean.