4 Signs That Your Kid is Ready to Stop Napping

Naps are essential for kids because they aid their mental and physical development, keep them rested, and improve their mood. However, your kid will eventually reach a point when they are ready to stop napping. Here is how to recognize it.

They Have Trouble Falling Asleep

One of the most obvious signs is that your kid has a hard time falling asleep during nap time. If this becomes a recurring occurrence, then you shouldn’t insist on it.

They Are Active Around Their Nap Time

If your kid looks energetic and remains active around their nap time, this might be a sign that they don’t actually need it anymore. The amount of sleep they received at night became enough to keep them energized during the day.

They Have a Hard Time Sleeping at Night

Your kid might have no trouble sleeping during nap time but display problematic behavior when it’s time to sleep at night. This can include refusing to go to bed, taking a long time to fall asleep, or waking up at night. This is a sign that they don’t need that much sleep anymore and that it’s time to stop napping during the day.

They Are Completely Fine Without Naps

In case you don’t notice any troubling signs on days your kid doesn’t have a nap for any reason, you can say goodbye to the practice for good.