3 Ways to Put Your Baby to Sleep On a Plane

There’s nothing more stressful than traveling on a plane with children, and babies present their own set of issues in that regard. One of the hardest things about traveling with babies is that you need to help them fall asleep. If you’re worried about ensuring that they get quality rest on a plane, here are three ways to make that happen.

Secure a Bassinet

This is probably the best option you can go for, but with a caveat. You’ll need to secure a seat that has access to a bassinet. This is easier said than done, but if you get one, you can easily slip them into the bassinet and allow them to sleep soundly.

Create Your Own

If you were unable to secure a bassinet, you can still create your own bassinet. How, you may ask? Well, it’ll require some creativity, cushions, and ideally some help from your partner. You can lay down a pillow or cushion on the laps of you and your spouse, and your baby can sleep on that. Yes, this actually works!

Hold Them Against Your Chest

If all else fails, you can always pick them up and hold them against your chest. Your baby will probably love falling asleep in this position because it’s as intimate as it gets. The only hard part is that it’s an inconvenience for you—but welcome to parenting.