3 Ways to Get More Energy Over Winter

It’s no secret that staying alert and energized during the winter months can feel like hard work. The combination of dark nights, grey weather, and lack of vitamin D can leave us all – kids included – feeling lethargic and sluggish. If your family needs an energy boost, check out these simple ways of helping everyone to feel more awake, so that you can carry on doing fun and exciting activities together.

Get a Good Breakfast

On weekend mornings, try and make sure no one lies in really late—shifting sleeping patterns around too much can make it harder for your body to set a healthy sleep and wake rhythm. Once everyone is up, serve up a healthy, nutritious breakfast—scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms on toast, or porridge with plenty of fruit and nuts. This will kick start everyone’s metabolism, and give them energy for the day ahead.

Make the Most of the Light

Even if the weather isn’t particularly inspiring, make sure the whole family gets out for a walk or an outdoor activity. Getting fresh air (and vitamin D) is essential in terms of regulating energy levels and helping everyone to feel more alert. If the weather is truly awful, do some exercise in the house together—put on some music and dance, or check out a YouTube yoga workout for the whole family.

Prioritize Fresh Produce

Eating fresh produce—whether that’s eggs, cheese, fruit, and vegetables, or fish—will boost your nutritional intake and make you feel healthier and more energized than a diet of ready-made, processed food. Use a winter’s afternoon to meal prep some really healthy, satisfying dishes for the week ahead, and get your kids to help out so they learn some essential cooking skills.