3 UK Cities to Visit for a Fun History Trip

It’s great when kids show an interest in history. There’s such a rich variety of facts to learn about the world and it’s great to encourage this love of learning. One of the best ways to do this is with trips to locations rich in history, and the UK has loads of towns and cities with amazing sites full of history, so here are three to check out. 

York, Yorkshire

This ancient city has signs of its Roman beginnings sprawled across the area, including a classic bathhouse. Then the influence from the following Viking period is also still visible in a variety of interesting ways, including many of the local names of areas and streets. On top of this, York has a very rich medieval history which is very prominent in its current architecture and of course the incredible York Minster. 

Edinburgh, Midlothian

There have been archeological findings around the area that date back to 8500 BC as well as findings from the Bronze and Iron Ages, so this city and its surrounding area are steeped in rich and varied history. Nowadays you can see the stunning medieval streets as well as the iconic Edinburgh Castle.

Bath, Somerset

Another city with a strong Roman background, with its name coming from the iconic bathhouses that were formed there due to the natural hot springs which you can still visit today. As well as this, there is plenty of 18th-century architecture to be found all over the city, and the beautiful Bath Abbey is well worth a visit.